Australian Wild Caught Sardines (minimum 400g)



Australian Wild Caught Sardines – frozen fresh, good size, fantastic quality. Easy to separate, so you can feed one or two at a time, rather than defrosting the whole container.

Packets of sardines are a minimum weight of 400g (varies up to 430g). 7-12 Sardines on average depending on size/seasonal catch.

Why are sardines good for my dog?

♥ Sardines have soft bones which are easily digested by our dogs’ stomachs

♥ Sardines are high in Omega 3 – helps to reduce inflammation of and coat, so may have some benefit in assisting to overcome skin issues, hot spots, allergies (together with an appropriate raw diet). DHA (one of the omega 3 fatty acids) is vital to cognitive function and eye health.

♥ Ubiquinol in sardines is beneficial for heart health.

♥ Calcium and phosphorous are contained in moderate amounts – beneficial for bones

♥ Sardines, as smaller fish, have less mercury content than other fish which reduces the risk of this toxin building up in your dog’s system. Feed as supplemental food rather than daily and not continuously, ie. have a break sometimes.

How to feed sardines to my dog

Feed whole for the brave doggos or cut into smaller chunks for the more dainty doogs. For real sooky la-las, cut or mince finely.

Small dogs can do well with 2-3 smallish sardines per week, while larger dogs can have 4-5 medium to large sardines per week in conjunction with an otherwise varied raw diet.


Additional information

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