Aussie Dog Tucker Ball – Small (100mm)

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Raw Health 4 Dogs promotes healthy diets, healthy minds and healthy lifestyles for your dogs. We try to source the highest quality, well made, safe and affordable feeding accessories and toys that are designed to provide your dog with mental stimulation by challenging them to work for their food. These accessories and toys can allow the dog to play alone once they are familiar with what to do. Great to leave in the house if you’re going out or just as a treat to give them something fun to do.

The Tucker Ball is a food dispensing toy and the Staffie Ball is a a great toy for running around the backyard. 100% Safe, Non Toxic and will not pop, shatter or crack. Can be sanded smooth if your beautiful ‘beast’ does manage to leave teeth marks. WARRANTY against the dog chewing a hole in the ball: 6 months on the Tucker Ball and 12 months on the Staffie Ball.

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