Lickimat ‘Buddy’ – Large

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The Lickimat is one of the newer doggy crazes in recent times. You can use this mat in a myriad of situations such as:

♥ To assist with occupying and calming the dog while carrying out certain grooming procedures

♥ Provide the dog with added mental stimulation as part of a rotation of different toys and activities

♥ Occupy a dog who has been through surgery or illness and needs to rest or be confined for periods of time

What we love about the Lickimats:

♥ Can be used with healthy foods such as cottage cheese, unsweetened/unflavoured coconut yoghurt, greek yoghurt, goat yoghurt, raw food (minces), tahini paste, a sprinkle of The Complete Pet Company’s ‘Freeze Dried Offal’

♥ Easy to wash off with a vegetable/kitchen sprayer or put in top rack of dishwasher

♥ Light enough to take anywhere

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