Slodog Slow Feeder Plate

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The Slodog Slow Feeder Plate is an alternative version of a feeding plate designed to slow down your dog’s pace of eating. It also provides them with a degree of enrichment to help fulfil their need for new and exciting things that stimulate their senses.

What we love about the Slodog Slow Feeder Plates:

♥ The biggest plus for us is that is perfect for feeding RAW FOOD to dogs!

♥ Large surface area means you can spread the food out to lengthen the time it takes for your dog to complete their meal, and also accommodates large volumes of food for bigger dogs

♥ Easy to wash off with a vegetable/kitchen sprayer, handwash in sink or put in top rack of dishwasher

♥ Light enough to take anywhere

♥ It comes in pretty pink, bright blue and jet black

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