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Clancy the Koolie loves eating Raw Health 4 Dogs BARF

Goat meat is naturally lean and much lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also lower in calories than other meats. Since the molecular structure of goat meat is different than that of beef or chicken, it is easier to digest, and suitable for animals with irritable bowel symptoms.

The nutritional benefits of goat meat make it deal for sensitive dogs or dogs with allergies and it is also a great option for healthy dogs. Including a variety of meats in your dog's diet is the most ideal way to ensure they receive a good range of nutrients.

Goat is a specialty meat that has exceptional nutritional qualities that offer significant health benefits. Goat meat is lower in calories and fat and higher in iron than beef.  It is a good source of Protein, Riboflavin, Zinc, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Iron, Phosphorus, Copper and Selenium.

Chicken BARF for dogs is our most popular solution for raw fed dogs and provides great all-round nutrition.

As white meat, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and in addition to assisting healthy dogs to maintain and improve their overall health, it is often suitable for dogs with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and skin inflammation. Chicken is also a good source of calcium for lactating mothers and puppies. Raw 4 Paws Chicken BARF contains soft bones from healthy young birds which are rich in bone marrow and full of essential fatty acids as well as the typical ingredients.

SUITABLE FOR: Adult dogs, senior dogs, puppies, pregnant bitches and lactating mothers.

Turkey BARF for dogs is a wonderful alternative white meat to chicken and is an excellent choice for dogs who have a particular allergy to chicken. It is lower in fat than chicken so also makes a good alternative for dogs needing to lose weight or who may have particular dietary needs following pancreatitis.

SUITABLE FOR: Adult dogs, senior dogs, puppies, pregnant bitches and lactating mothers.

Lamb BARF is an excellent choice for underweight dogs and also contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. Useful for all life stages, Lamb BARF is made from Australian lamb which is pasture raised and not fed on chemicals, grains or antibiotics. It is particularly recommended for dogs who have skin conditions, arthritis and even cancer.

Lamb is not recommended for dogs who have or have had pancreatitis or those who have an allergy to lamb meat, lamb bones or lamb fat.

SUITABLE FOR: Adult dogs, senior dogs, underweight dogs, puppies, pregnant bitches and lactating mothers.

NOT SUITABLE FOR: Any puppy or dog with pancreatitis.

Beef BARF is perfect for working dogs and very active dogs who are free from health complaints. Red meat is known to promote inflammation though, so we recommend that you AVOID any products containing beef of any sort (offal, bones or meat) for dogs who have joint and skin inflammatory conditions or degenerative diseases.

SUITABLE FOR: Adult dogs, working dogs, active dogs, senior dogs, puppies, pregnant bitches and lactating mothers.

NOT SUITABLE FOR: Dogs with any inflammatory or skin conditions or degenerative diseases.

Roo BARF is a very lean option and a smart choice for obese or overweight dogs and those with pancreatitis.

With less than 2% fat, kangaroo provides the highest source of protein and conjugated linoleic acid (anti-cancer fatty acid). Wild meat that is free from contaminants provides an ideal choice for obese and overweight dogs and those suffering from pancreatitis who require a very low fat diet. For this same reason, Roo BARF is not suitable as the only diet option for growing puppies, young dogs or pregnant/lactating mothers - these dogs require a higher fat content in general.

Roo BARF is a good option to provide some variety in your dog's diet and we suggest alternating it with other BARF products to provide a more balanced diet overall.

SUITABLE FOR: Adult dogs, senior dogs, obese and overweight dogs. Puppies, pregnant bitches and lactating mothers can eat Roo BARF as a part of a diet containing other BARF varieties.

Raw meaty bones help maintain dental hygiene as well as offer an instinctive outlet for stress and tension relief through chewing and gnawing.

With young dogs, introduce them to bones slowly with chicken necks. These bones are soft and relatively easy for young dogs to chew, allowing them to develop good jaw bone structure and jaw muscle strength. Older dogs, depending on their size and jaw strength, can graduate to chicken frames, beef brisket, roo tail bones and turkey necks.

BE CAUTIOUS - Always supervise your dogs while they are eating bones as choking always presents a potential risk. Do not feed bones as a 'treat' when you're leaving the house.

SUITABLE FOR: Young dogs, adult dogs, senior dogs, obese and overweight dogs.