Dog Training, Diet & Lifestyle

Dogs are a huge part of our lives. For some of us, we consider them to be part of our 'family' and we include them in nearly everything we do. Just like with other small family members, we need to establish some mutual boundaries and healthy respect for each other. As the guardians of our dogs, we are responsible for managing most aspects of their lives - what they eat, where they sleep, when they go for a walk, when they eat, who they live with, what toys they have to play with, and on it goes.

By effectively engaging with our dogs during 'training', providing a good quality fresh, natural, raw diet and giving them opportunities to satisfy their instinctive behaviours, challenging them mentally and ensuring they also have time for rest, we can make noticeable and positive changes in our dog's lives. This is what Raw Health 4 Dogs is about.

As an animal lover and qualified Dog Trainer, Kelly Davidson is passionate about helping dog owners to develop a trusting, supportive and respectful relationship with their dogs. Through learning how to recognise dog body language, understanding and respecting how a dog's world works and equipping ourselves with a variety of knowledge and techniques that we can use to teach our dogs how to live in our human world, Kelly can help you to develop confident, happy, loving, responsive and relaxed companions.

Private and Group Dog Training and Obedience Sessions, Walk & Train, Agility/Obstacles, and Puppy Foundations Training Sessions are available. Enquire now to get more information on current dog training sessions.

Biologically appropriate raw food ("BARF") for dogs and cats

Raw Health 4 Dogs stocks premium quality raw diet solutions for dogs (and cats) who have busy owners. We understand that even those who recognise the benefits of feeding a biologically appropriate raw food diet find it a big ask to be preparing fresh, raw meat and bones and to know which veges, fruits, oils and other ingredients to add to ensure your dogs and cats have a balanced diet. Raw Health 4 Dogs stocks a range of raw food for dogs and raw food for cats that provides complete raw nutrition, naturally balanced to meet the specific dietary requirements of each species.

Raw 4 Paws Beef Patties 8 x 250g raw beef patties for dogs

Our raw food products for dogs include ingredients such as meat and bone from chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and kangaroo along with seasonal vegetables and fruits, kelp, oils, omega 3 and 6 and more. Our raw food products for cats include ingredients such as chicken, turkey, fish, taurine, omegas and flaxseed. These recipes provide dogs and cats with a biologically appropriate diet. No need to supplement with any other veg, oils or dehydrated commercial kibble.

As there are no preservatives, the food is frozen fresh to preserve the quality of the natural nutrients and to maintain freshness. All you need to do is thaw it in your fridge before feeding, or leave it slightly icy for those hot summer days!

Other benefits of the raw food for dogs and cats that we stock include:

♥ Easy, natural, balanced raw feeding solution
♥ No need for additional supplements or dry food
♥ Preservative Free
♥ Grain Free and Yeast Free
♥ No fillers or by-products
♥ No irradiated products
♥ No artificial colours, flavours or enhancers
♥ FRESH produce sourced by the suppliers locally (not imported, dehydrated or powdered)
♥ Supports Australian businesses